FDS Consultants are expert in electronic payments systems, from traditional ACH and card-based systems to emerging mobile, online and alternative payment methods (APMs). 

We provide expert advice and hands-on management services, including turnaround.

Based in London, we are active across EMEA including regions where infrastructure may vary. 

In a world of fast-changing technology, we have remained at the forefront of delivering innovative and pragmatic solutions. 

We have a strong and verifiable track record of achieving successful outcomes for our clients.


FDS Consultants gives expert advice to financial institutions including major European banks and investment funds on the full range of issues facing electronic payment systems.
We offer bespoke and up-to-date advice on software, technology, procurement, pricing, operations, staffing and strategy, including expansion, restructuring, integrity, acquisitions, launches and moving into new markets.


With decades of experience leading large payments companies with hundreds of staff, and growing their turnover, FDS Consultants offer hands-on management services for clients at all stages of the business cycle.
We have a strong track record of adding value to the companies we manage: increasing profitability, securing new business, introducing new procedures, developing new products, and ensuring full compliance with international card scheme operating regulations.


When payments operations run into difficulties, FDS Consultants offers emergency restructuring and turnaround services to put them back on the right track.
We have achieved notable successes for our clients in restructuring payment businesses, in order to return companies to profitability and full integrity.


Our managing director is one of the most respected e-payments experts worldwide, with a strong reputation as a manager and an innovator particularly among Europe’s banking community.

As a Senior Vice President at Visa International, he introduced new payment technologies across Africa. He has developed or restructured many processing businesses, increasing security and profitability.

He made his name as CEO of the Portuguese national payments system, building it from scratch to a substantial, innovative and technologically-advanced operation.

With a research background in IT, he combines strong technological understanding and proven management skills. He is fluent in four languages.

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 Work that FDS Consultants has completed for satisfied clients. 

Rewrite the rulebook

This European card company had had its licence withdrawn by Visa. We replaced most of the senior roles in the company, and we worked with and motivated the management team to rewrite the company rulebook and to design a new vision for the company’s future. Software was replaced, new clients were found and a new reputation was built. The company fully regained its Visa status and successfully expanded its business.


Pilot new products

Taking over the role of Chief Operating Officer, we transformed this Nigerian bank-owned card payments company by introducing new products and services, and bringing it within international standards and best business practices. As a result of the changes we brought, we enabled it to pass the test to sell Visa products and services, and significantly grew its revenues.

Sale to private equity

We realigned and redeveloped this loss-making Egypt-based card payments company into a profitable, growing concern. The company reached a high level of proficiency and secured the custom of major international banking groups including Société Générale, Barclays Bank, Crédit Agricole and BNP Paribas. Its clients included more than 130 banks in 30 countries in the Middle East and Africa when it was sold to private equity.

Technical innovation

We managed this Portuguese payments company from inception, building it from a start up into one of the most mature, financially robust, technologically advanced and innovative in Europe. By the year 2000 it was handling more than a billion payments a year, including card payments, ACH payments and RTGS systems.

Renegotiate contract

This African card company wanted to renegotiate its terms and pricing structure with its main software supplier. Through our strong international contacts and experience we were able to achieve this for them.



Start up blueprint

This African start up company wanted advice on all aspects of building its operation, in order to gain Visa and Mastercard processing approvals. We carried out a feasibility study, and drew up a company blueprint for company specialities, structures and roles.


Don’t just take our word for it. Here is what other e-payment experts say.

“Filipe’s great strength is his ability to turnaround failing businesses and IT projects. Few payments professionals can claim similar experience profiles. He has managed Portugal's multimillion interbank payments processing operation for 17 years, and turned around three struggling payments businesses. More recently he has delivered many consulting assignments for card schemes, payments sector suppliers, investors and banks.”

Peter Jones
Managing Director,
PSE Consulting
“Filipe was parachuted in to a payments card acquirer to ‘turn-it-around’. I was part of a team tasked by a major card scheme to go on site and review how well Filipe and the team that he had formed had done. He had systematically removed “problem people”, merchants and relationships, and introduced strong systems and processes. Above all, he built a strong team that worked well together almost as a family through his gentle, intelligent and systematic approach. Under his leadership, the “book” moved from being a poorly performing, high risk and dubious collection of businesses, to a carefully controlled, well-managed portfolio."
Bill Trueman
“ I was part of a consulting team that carried out an onsite risk review of Filipe and his team at a major pan-European acquirer. Filipe had been appointed as MD to clean up the organisation following an earlier and very damaging review by a major card scheme. Filipe had understandably and ruthlessly removed problem personnel. He subsequently introduced strong policy, processes, procedures and re-inspired the remaining management team and staff. Our review concluded that Filipe had developed a strong team ethos, based on good governance and business practices and robust risk management, turning the organisation around.
Kevin Smith
“It was a pleasure to work with Filipe on a Europe-wide payment project. An excellent team leader with outstanding experience, Filipe has led many development projects to success. As a former payments company manager he has outstanding knowledge of operations, regulatory issues and technical innovations.”

Gerd Cimiotti, managing director, SRC Security Research and Consulting GmbH
Gerd Cimiotti
Managing Director,
SRC Security Research and Consulting GmbH
“I have known Filipe for nearly 20 years. He is knowledgeable, diligent and hardworking. He has worked in developed and developing markets, and has a broad appreciation of all aspect of the payments industry.”

Jon Prideaux
Chief Executive Officer,
Boku Inc


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